Changes, and the Honest Things You Don’t Want People to Know

Did you think I died? I know it seemed that way in the blog world; I can’t believe it has been so long since I last posted! Things got super busy for me, and it got busy fast! If you follow me on Instagram then you have been able to keep up with some things going on with my life, but if you haven’t I’m about to fill you in on a few things.

First off, and probably most importantly, Ryan and I added another member to our family!

Baby Bauer Bauer family pic

We got our little baby on November 2, and we love him so much! His name is Bauer, he’s a sheltie, and he has completely stolen our hearts.  I can’t believe how much he has already grown! (I kind of wish he was a tiny puppy again.)

Christmas our family

I announced back in July that I am doing my second marathon, and it is actually coming up in about a week and a half! I can’t believe it is almost here! I was really afraid I was going to have to drop down to the half because I suffered from a knee injury in November and wasn’t able to run for the whole month. Luckily, after getting some advice from an online running coach and going to an awesome chiropractor I was back to training the weekend after Thanksgiving and I have felt healthy and strong ever since!


Ryan and I had a wonderful holiday season! Both Thanksgiving and Christmas was filled with lots of family time, and if you have been reading my blog for a while then you know I love family time. :)

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Christmas 2014

I cut my hair! I was super nervous because I cut a lot off, but I really like it, and the most important thing is that the Hubs likes it! Here is my before picture.

hair before pic

And after!


hair after

Now, the biggest change for me so far has been my attitude towards my job. This is where the honesty comes in.

I began my first year of teaching my own class this past August, and honestly, everything has been a whirl wind since then. (Which I guess explains my lack of blogging) The morning before my first day of school I published THIS post, which was a first year teacher’s prayer on the first day of school. I wanted to try to portray some of the feelings, nerves, and fears I had going into that day.

You always hear about teachers that talk about the passion they have for education, and how they love impacting children’s lives. I would see my friends on Facebook who are teachers, and they would post something awesome about their day and end the post with a hashtag such as, #lovemyjob.

I would read things like this and feel guilty because if I were to write a post about my job a few months ago, it would have gone a little something like this…

“How many more days until the weekend? I’m at a loss at what to do with some of my students. Sometimes things happen in the classroom, and I’m honestly not sure what the best thing to do is. Do my kids see my uncertainty? Why do some of my kids refuse to respect me? It seems like they don’t care what I do. Who knew a 10 year old kid could make your days so hard and bring you to tears more days than you would like to admit. How am I supposed to teach a class of 25 students when some of them do not want to learn and I get no parent support? This definitely wasn’t what I imagined teaching would be like…”

Oh and I would end my post with this hashtag, #countingthedaysuntilsummer

But, even though the difficulty of my job has not changed, I can honestly say my attitude has, which has made my job so much more enjoyable. My eyes have really been opened to many things this year, and the Lord is showing me that He has a big plan. God has humbled me and reminded me that I need Him oh so badly, and if I try to go day by day on my own strength, I will fail. I have learned to appreciate many things about my job, and when I really pay attention, I can see all of the things my students have learned so far this year that they didn’t know before they came to me. And when I can see how they have grown, that is an awesome feeling that really makes me want to push the hashtag, #lovemyjob :)

And to break up the seriousness of this post, here’s a picture of a new outfit I got for Christmas! :) I wore it to church last Sunday and work on Monday. Shhh, don’t tell that I’m an outfit repeater. ;)

hair after pic

Despite the difficulty, I do love my students, and I have grown so much these last few months as a teacher and spiritually. I think the reason I got into a blogging rut was because I would come home from school and be mentally drained and exhausted. I am hoping to get on more of a blogging schedule as soon as I figure out what works for me. I know I won’t be able to blog five days a week, but I’m hoping a few times a week. I am trying to remind myself that quality is better than quantity!

For those of you who have actually read all of this, thank you. For those of you long time readers, thank you for being patient with me as I have taken a break these last few months to really figure out things and search for God’s peace and wisdom in this new stage of my life. I am incredibly blessed with an amazing husband, family, friends, and job, and I am truly thankful for everything in my life. 

lunch date


I’m glad to be back! Now it’s your turn to tell me something fun about yourself, what you would like to see me write about more in my blog, or what you are eating or doing for a workout today! :)



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Really Really Good Chicken Parmesan Soup

Guys, I have a recipe you all need to try, and to make it even better, it cooks in the crockpot, which makes it super easy and great for weeknight dinners! Slow cooker chicken parmesan soup! Except, it’s more just like a pasta because it isn’t really soupy.

I wish I could say I made up this recipe, but I didn’t, so head on over HERE to see the recipe and try it out ASAP! You can even use quinoa noodles like we did to make it gluten free!


The plate above is Ryan’s plate, and below was my dinner.


The lighting is horrible for my picture, and makes my plate look a little less appetizing, but I promise it is so delicious!

I also had a protein shake with my dinner since we worked out right before we ate.


In the mix went half of a banana, some almond milk, a scoop of Sunwarrior protein powder, ice, and spinach. Then I topped it with some homemade granola. Perfection! Oh and hey there Ryan in the background. ;)

Since I seem to be working my way backwards in this post, let’s go to my workout since that was right before my shake. I worked mostly legs, with some abs, and a few chest/back exercises thrown in. I am going to do way more strength training this time around for my second marathon than I did for my first! I did some foam rolling at home after dinner, and that felt amazing! My foam roller is going to be my best friend during marathon training.


I’ll be honest, I mainly took this picture to show off the pretty blue tops of my new shoes. :)

Like I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have to go to work on Monday since it was my school’s fair day. I spent the whole day with my mom, which is always so fun and special to me.


Since my Mom can’t walk around, I cooked some food for my parents to have throughout the week. I baked some barbecue chicken, made a sausage, potato, pepper, onion, and chicken mix, and then made them the same chicken parmesan soup we had for dinner last night.



The above picture is before the noodles are cooked, so it looks better once the noodles are cooked.

That was about my whole day backwards, haha! I’m not sure why I didn’t start from the beginning; I guess I was just so excited about the chicken parmesan soup that I wanted to start with that. Y’all understand, right?

It’s been a great long weekend for me, but since I am going back to work tomorrow I better get some sleep!


1. How was your day yesterday?

2. What is your favorite soup?

3. What was your workout yesterday? Today? 

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I Promise I Do Enjoy Blogging

Y’all probably think I hate blogging based on the fact that I haven’t written a post in forever, and also based on the fact that I can’t seem to get on a good blogging schedule. I am still working on that. Life has just been super busy lately, and it hasn’t left me much time to blog. So let’s hope I can figure out some type of schedule and start blogging more regularly again. :)

Let me catch y’all up on a little bit of what I have been up to. Obviously work has kept me busy, and I’m constantly trying to figure out the best way to teach math to my kiddos. I am super excited though because I am actually off today because it is our fair day! Do schools in other states have fair day? The Texas State Fair is a super big deal, so all of the schools in our area always get a fair day where the kids can go to the fair. We aren’t going today, but I bet we go sometime before it closes!

Big Tex

I will be spending my day at my parents’ house with my sweet mama, because unfortunately we found out about a week and a half ago that she has two herniated discs in her back. :( This was a total surprise to us because my Mom has never had any back pain, and just one morning she was in so much pain my SIL, Kaleigh, had to come get her and take her to the emergency room. One of the discs is in her lower back, and something is causing her leg to mess up, so she can’t even walk right now. :( So since I am off I will be spending the day with her, making some meals for her and my Dad to have throughout the week, and doing some of their laundry to try to help out some. Even though I hate that my Mom is hurt, I am excited about a day to just hang out with my Mom!

Mom kissing me

I am extremely thankful for Ryan and I to both be healthy again after last week. Last Sunday I started feeling absolutely horrible, and I was nauseous for days. I could hardly eat anything besides crackers and toast.


I definitely couldn’t handle veggies. Anytime I had vegetables or anything else hard to digest my stomach would start cramping horribly. Going almost a whole week without vegetables was very unlike me!

I just thought I had a stomach virus, and it would eventually go away. However, when I still felt bad Wednesday Ryan finally convinced me to go to the doctor whenever my school day was over. To my surprise, I had strep throat! The next day, Ryan came home from work feeling horrible, and we actually thought he might have eaten something bad, but he went to the doctor on Friday, and even though his throat wasn’t hurting  him either, he had strep too! It was so weird because we both basically had strep in disguise as a stomach virus!

I finally felt back to my normal, energetic self, so I was able to do my first workout in a week on Friday afternoon, and it felt so good to sweat! I did the T25 total body workout, and it was exactly what I needed! I still wasn’t ready to test my stomach with vegetables, so I stuck with some baked chicken and a sweet potato for dinner.


Saturday morning I did THIS summertime arms workout by Heather, and my arms were sore on Sunday, which is what I wanted!

I loved the plank at the end!


I’m not quite sure what’s up with that crazy face…

For lunch on Saturday I was finally ready to try some vegetables, and after a week of no vegetables, I was ready for this huge salad!


We went to WalMart Saturday afternoon, and I picked up these pencils to give to my students for Halloween!


I don’t think I am going to be able to wait until Halloween though; I am thinking about surprising them this week! :)

For dinner Saturday I had some sautéed  fish, a sweet potato, and some broccoli. A perfect meal for the night before a run!


Yesterday was my first official day to begin my marathon training for the Houston Marathon in January, and I ran 9 miles. I ran in my new shoes, and I am in love with them!

Mizuno Wave 18s

These are the Mizuno Waverider 18’s, and after running in the 16’s, these did not disappoint. I originally bought the 17’s a few weeks ago, but after trying them out for a week I had to return them. There was a plastic piece on top of the shoe laces, and it would go into my feet and really hurt. I was afraid I was going to have to try a different shoe besides Mizuno, but when I went back to the store Saturday and saw that there were already 18s, I was ecstatic!

I finished my run about 7:30 in the morning, and couldn’t help taking a picture of the sun.


After my run Sunday and my arm workout Saturday I enjoyed a protein shake made with half of a banana, frozen strawberries, and blueberries, Sunwarrior protein powder, spinach, chia seeds, almond butter, almond milk, and ice. Once I blended everything up I topped it with some homemade granola.

IMG_7603 Smoothies as big as my face eaten out of a bowl are the best!

After my smoothie I got ready for church and Ryan and I headed out for Sunday School. Yesterday afternoon I did a ton of food prep, took a nap, cleaned the house, and put up clothes. Ryan and I even went in the backyard to throw the football for a little bit, but Ryan stepped in an ant pile, and that ended our football game. :/.

Since this post couldn’t be more random or all over the place, let me add that I have put up a few fall decorations! I absolutely love the fall wreath Kaleigh’s mom made me!


Seriously, how beautiful is it? Right now I have a little pumpkin by my door and a little scarecrow outside.


I need to get a few more things to go beside the pumpkin, but for now I still love it!

Now, after a crazy week, I am ready for a more normal week, and I am ready to really push myself in my workouts after taking a week off! Sorry for the randomness of this post, but now it’s your turn to catch me up on what you have been up to lately!


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Intense Upper Body and Cardio Workout

We made it through Monday everyone! That’s the hard part of the week, right? My Monday actually ended up being great! My students were great for the most part, I was able to leave my school before 4:00, and I got in an awesome workout! As I was doing this workout at the gym yesterday, I kept thinking about how I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you because I know some of y’all will love it! If you are wanting to work your upper body, while also getting in some intense cardio, try this!

Intense Upper Body and Cardio Workout

Make sure you warm up first, and cool down and stretch when you are done! I ran my mile at an incline of 0.5, and then increased it to 1 for the last .2 of the mile. Use whatever speed challenges you! And for the upper body exercises make sure you use a weight that will challenge you. If you do, then I guarantee you that you will be a sweaty mess when you are done with the whole workout! I definitely was!

Here are links to some of the exercises.

Ropes (except don’t do the jump squats that the guy in this video does, just the ropes. :) )

Skull crushers

Bicep curls

Upright rows

Shoulder Press

Side Raises

Dumbbell flies 

Chest Press

Barbell rows

As always, if you try it out, let me know what you think! :)

When I got home from the gym I made myself a shake using my new Sunwarrior protein powder, which I am absolutely loving!

After drinking my shake I fixed our plates for dinner, which was so easy thanks to food prep on Sunday and my crockpot! I tried a new to us meal, chicken provencal.

IMG_7463 This is a not so pretty picture of some of the chicken in my crockpot, but please don’t judge the meal by my super bad photography skills, it was good!

I made Ryan a plate with sweet potatoes, green beans, and two leftover Olive Garden breadsticks.


I put mine in a bowl with sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli and squash because everything tastes better in a bowl mixed in with everything else. :)

IMG_7464 Then after snapping the above picture I mixed it all together.


As I started eating I told Ryan I thought the chicken would be better with some marinara sauce on top. Ryan agreed, and luckily I had some marinara sauce in the fridge, so I heated us up some and poured it on Ryan’s chicken and put some in my bowl. The marinara sauce made the meal guys! It made the chicken so much better, and if you try this recipe I definitely suggest putting some marinara sauce on top!


After dinner, I showered, packed our lunches, and with the help of Ryan cleaned our kitchen. Tomorrow I am hoping to get our clothes folded and put up before I go to bed!

But now it’s already time for me to get ready for bed. I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


1. How was your Monday?

2. What did you eat last night?

3. Have you ever heard of chicken provencal? I never had until I found this recipe. 


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Thankful for This Weekend Plus Faith and Body Image

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This weekend was really fun for me, and it made me so thankful for the little things. Before I go too far in this post, I wanted to let y’all know that I am guest posting for Jaclyn over at BumpSweat  today, and I wrote a post about how faith and body image intersect. Head on over HERE to check it out! :)

Anyways, back to this weekend! Friday night and most of the day Saturday was spent with our friends, Wood and Meredith. (I’ve explained this before, but Wood’s first name is Ryan, but since my husband’s name is Ryan, we call him Wood. :) ).  We had so much fun and laughed basically the whole time. We spent some time laying out at the pool, which was so nice since I know pool season is coming to an end.


We got home about 5, so after relaxing for a little bit and doing some laundry, I made us THIS taco pasta, and it was delicious!


I used gluten free noodles though, and didn’t put cheese in the whole pot, since dairy doesn’t fare well with me. I did, however, add cheese to Ryan’s plate, and nutritional yeast to mine, which gave it a perfect cheesy flavor for me. I ate mine with broccoli, and Ryan had chips and guacamole with his. I also mixed guacamole in with my pasta, and that, in my opinion, made it perfect! Oh, I also didn’t add olives to our pasta because I’m not much of an olive fan.

IMG_7435 After cleaning the kitchen, I did some meal planning and then fell asleep in the living room until Ryan told me to go to bed. I know, I’m an old lady in a young lady’s body.


Sunday morning began with a quick 3 mile run, and I was happy for my average pace to be under 8! (Oh side note, yesterday I shared last week’s workouts and this week’s meal plan. If you missed it and are interested you can read the post HERE.)


Then I made me some grain free blueberry pancakes and topped them with banana, strawberries, peanut butter, and a little bit of pure maple syrup! I used Amy’s grain free pancake recipe, except I didn’t have almond flour or coconut flour so I just substituted gluten free flour, and they tasted great!

Sunday morning Ryan and I went to church and came back home in time for Ryan to watch football and for me to take a 30 minute nap before I reheated leftovers for our lunch. After lunch I finished making my grocery list and headed to the store to stock up for the week!

I had a lot of food to buy because I made two big pans of lasagna for two different friends of ours to have this week. One friend had a baby about two weeks ago, and another couple is due any day now with their first child, so we thought we would bring them dinner one night to help out.

IMG_7458 We aren’t going to drop off the meal until later in the week though, so I assembled both pans in a big foil pan, put a lid on it, and then I put it in the freezer so that whenever we want to make it and bring it to them it will be easy and fast!


I also chopped up all of our veggies we need for the week and put it in bags. Then I made Angela’s power house granola, and I had forgotten how good that stuff is! It is the best granola I have ever had!


I also made THESE blueberry oat breakfast bars to have as snacks during the week, and I love them too! I made them last week for the first time, and I knew I had to make them again this week.

For dinner last night we had homemade chicken strips, sweet potato fries, and broccoli and squash for me, green beans for Ryan. I thought homemade chicken strips would be a good football food for the first Sunday of NFL football, and since they were homemade they were pretty healthy. :)

That was my weekend, and after a fun time, I am ready for the third week of school! Last week was much better than the first week, so I’m hoping this week is even better! I hope you have a great week!

This weekend was definitely marvelous so I’m linking up with MIMM. Thanks for hosting Katie!



1. How was your weekend? What did you do?

2. If you did food prep, what did you make?

3. What’s your favorite meal to bring to people?

4. Best granola recipe ever? 

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